Individuals throughout the Greater Boston Area have trusted Mood CPA for our blend of industry expertise and personal attention that you can’t get from just any Boston CPA firm. As a Top Rated® Local Accountant, we are committed to helping our clients minimize or defer  their tax liabilities and make better decisions financially, as well as ultimately helping ease the burden of personal tax and financial planning. We’ll work meticulously to develop a strategy that will help you maximize your tax returns, reach your individual ideals of financial objectives, and help with a number of common tax problems.

Individual Tax and Accounting Services

We take great pride in providing high-quality financial accounting services for individuals, including:

Personal Financial Planning

You work hard for your money, and our team is committed to working just as hard to help you make the most of it! When you hire us for personal financial planning, we’ll take a comprehensive approach in developing a plan tailored to your individual needs. We’ll also provide one-on-one guidance to help manage risk, improve performance, and ensure the growth and longevity of your financial well-being.

Estate Planning

There is a lot that goes into estate planning, and taking it on all on your own can be complicated, overwhelming, and costly. If you want to handle planning for the future of your estate the right way, your best decision would be to sit down with an experienced tax professional — such as a CPA from Mood CPA — who can explain everything you need to know in order to make the best decisions. 

Elder Care

You may find that as your cherished family member gets older, everyday financial tasks may become more difficult or overwhelming. Simple financial activities that once came easily, such as paying bills or even balancing their checkbook, can become increasingly difficult for the elderly. As your CPA elder care professionals, it is our goal to give you and your loved ones complete assurance and peace of mind.

Reach Financial Freedom With Personal Tax & Accounting Services

Whatever your individual financial needs, you can trust our experienced CPAs to help guide through the path that leads to financial well-being.